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This isn’t a scam, or an abuser trying to find someone hiding from them.

I live in the area, and it’s all over the news. This child is REALLY missing.

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khasamoris replied to your post: someone should make a parajanov-esque …

woah that’s a great idea!

i’m surprised no one’s actually made a full-fledged cinema adaptation of it, it’s the work’s oldest piece of literature.

i can just imagine a movie about it being set in iraq and having parajanov-styled aesthetics to it. i wish someone would do this ;-;

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someone should make a parajanov-esque adaptation of the epic of gilgamesh

that’d be cool

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this is why i’m more maoist-leaning in terms of ideology, and refrain from practicing book-worship. so many “intellectuals” within the academic community and leftist circles have such a hard time of putting their ideologies aside in order to try and sympathize with the marginalized, and put their own agenda ahead of all others. i made a post a couple days ago about people who prioritize class struggle and see gender and ethnic struggles as “divisive”, which is so absurd considering that both of those things play big roles in terms of systematic oppression. it’s like so many leftists don’t even want to acknowledge nuances within ideologies, they don’t want to think on an inclusive or intersectional basis because they’re too caught up with following specific volumes of theory or preconceived ideologies as strictly as possible.

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yeah qaddafi had v strong western relations and as far as assad his regime has arrested students who spoke about palestine, and both regimes were a part of the US torture renditions where prisoners were sent to other countries and tortured there

ah, i actually, embarrassingly, don’t know that much about the two, just basic information, but yeah it’s clear that a lot of these self-proclaimed “socialist” ba’athists are nothing more than fascists who rely on the US as a means to consolidate their own power

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i feel like it’s “easier” for ppl (read: stupid western leftists) to condemn saddam unequivocally compared to qaddafi or assad bc they actually maintain(ed) a semblance of anti-imperialism and lots of ppl are massive apologists for them. :/

yeah, i mean i’m pretty positive that one of the main reasons the US aided the kurdish guerillas was to improve their global image and show off its ~heroism~. it’s clear that the US doesn’t actually care much for the kurdish people, otherwise they would have done more to help the kurds in turkey, iran, and elsewhere. western leftists fail to realize that imperialism is more than just foreign imperialism. like sure qaddafi and assad oppose(d) foreign imperialism, but that doesn’t defeat the fact that they’re tyrants and also that they’re huge arab-nationalists supporting national assimilation to the arab identity, further contributing to things like the erasure of amazighen identities in libya and kurdish identities in syria

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Does this negate any productive ideas the authors advances?

not necessarily, but it does discredit him as he, who is hailed as a profound thinker of the current generation, fails to recognize the nuances of global affairs, and how categorizing things into binaries like he’s done is very toxic.

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yeah also ignoring tht saddam’s regime himself was funded and supported by the united states for over a decade (longer??). i don’t understand why people create this imperialist vs anti imperialist binary when it comes to regimes. dangerous IMO

yeah, definitely. like saddam’s regime was imperialist in itself lmao, being of the geopolitical ‘East’ and being imperialist are not mutually exclusive, but from what I’ve read, he definitely seemed to think so.

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