a really big-sounding sludge/doom/post metal band would be cool to be a part of… something along the lines of like cult of luna and russian circles

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I don’t get the argument that people who watch nonwestern cinema are somehow pretentious? Specifically to people who are ethnically from nonwestern countries? Like the people who generally say that are white Americans to people who want to broaden their film watching experience or god forbid, connect to their home country that they’re disconnected from. How is that being elitist? I don’t know how my grandparents lived. I don’t know tangibly how my grandfather dealt in moving after the Partition of 1947. My parents never talk about how life was like when they lived and why they feel personally disillusioned and disconnected in many ways to where they grew up in India.

More so, why is it so off-putting to others on here to learn about other countries - their history, how they live, even how they make their tea. Stuff like that just is so engaging and interesting to me because it’s not like I will be able to just go to Kazakhstan or Bolivia or Malaysia on a whim as someone who is from America but does not necessarily have the means to do so.  Nobody even  cares to give a spotlight on these countries. The only time we generally see these countries through a western lens is using the countries and people as a backdrop and nothing more. 

Also do people not get that a lot of this cinema, especially Third Cinema, is meant as a form of resistance? How are you upset that an entire movement is there because it questions colonialism, imperialism, white supremacy, etc,. things that are still largely accepted globally. The British Museum still stands even though it’s one of the largest lasting legacies of the British Empire  Being into nonwestern cinema isn’t a niche thing, although it can be when it’s in the hands of white westerners but largely it’s about tokenizing and find ‘cred’ in a few nonwestern directors. I’m not being different on purpose to be above others. I am treated as different outside of my control for a lot more and my difference is seen as inferior and will always be so. Don’t think for a second that I am doing this as a facade for cred - it’s insulting and demeaning and unneeded.

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Vamo’ alla Flamenco (Final Fantasy IX) - Distant Worlds Original Soundtrack

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I really wish I were a better person.

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This is where we are. The CIA can join twitter and will be warmly received. People will be excited and ‘tee hee’ and giggle about it. The US Dept of Defense will tweet “jokingly” to the CIA and people will love it.

Now oblivious white people who aren’t the target of systemic oppression and violence loving this is one thing. They’re existing in a different reality, and I don’t expect them to get it by default, or to contextualize anything outside of their existence. Black and brown people joining in on the fun however is downright bizarre. These groups of mass murderers can make a cheeky tweet or two and people will get excited about it. The DoD tweet about running in the same circles is really gross, especially when you take the time to consider what they are actually “joking” about.

Now I’m not surprised by people finding these tweets funny, but I am disappointed by some who are joining in the celebration of this macabre exhibition of humor. Especially those who claim to be about social justice. I have seen people who a mere week ago were posting about black sites and drone bases, extrajudicial killings and even the CIA’s fake vaccination campaign in Pakistan join in on the celebration of the CIA’s first tweet.

Someone who fancies themselves to be about justice posted this on facebook - “The CIA made a big splash with their first tweet. Looking forward to more from them.” Looking forward to more from the CIA? They’re talking about the CIA making a splash like a rapper dropping a mixtape to critical acclaim. This person can apparently put aside their indignation for all the injustice and crimes perpetrated by the CIA and DoD to celebrate their tweets. The fact that they are organizations made up of criminals (that’s exactly what they are) who operate above the law, kill at will and are the proxy of US global imperialism is momentarily on hold because their tweets are funny. I found that really curious. How can you be disarmed by tweets? What would have to be going through your mind to find the humor in any of this if you know even just a tiny bit of what the CIA and DoD do everyday and if you know their history? What kind of detachment mentality do people like this have? I guess everything flies out the window when you make a silly tweet or two.

Social media can neuter even the most dastardly. That’s the real danger, and I fear a populace who warmly embraces organizations like the CIA. People like them are dangerous and they frighten me. Why? Because they can see evil and laugh with it, when the proper response should be them rebuking it. This is why the CIA and DoD can operate with impunity. Sure, the CIA just leased a blacksite in Djibouti for 20 years for their secret prison where they will torture and kill black and brown people without charging them with anything. The site also operates as hub for drone strikes, but wasn’t the CIA’s first tweet hilarious? The CIA is so funny!

I guess I don’t have a sense of humor.

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i had no idea my stepmom was born in calcutta/kolkata, i thought she was born in nepal

apparently she knows bengali too


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If this pic would be from Palestine it would be shared all around the world

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When I.. Was BOrn….Devil saiD… “Ohh… ShiT..!!.. CompeTiTion..” 

the first time i saw this i was vaguely uncomfortable but then i went back and looked at the source blog and realized that it’s literally just a compilation of mocking captions and pictures of indian people wearing these shirts ?? 

why the fuck does this have so many notes though like make fun of ridiculous t-shirts if you will but don’t pretend for even a second that this or most of the other shirts on this blog are anything compared to the ‘cool story babe’ or multitude of other disgusting fedora stinking shirts that white dudebros parade around. most of the pictures on that blog (including this one) are making fun of things like grammar and sentence structure and spelling of people in india like FUCK YOU. fuck you. the sign in the background of this picture is in telugu. that is my language, that is my country i’m pretty sure i’ve BEEN to that store in the background you’re mocking someone in their native country for slightly messing up in a language that they shouldn’t have to know to begin with. try making shirts in my language and see how well you do. westernization is forced on us and then when we try to live within it we are mocked endlessly for not adhering the way they want us to for not being authentic enough for a million other things.

like don’t even pretend that you wouldn’t see a caption like this on some toddler outfit in america???? but no all of a sudden haha brown people Wrong English so hilarious let’s reblog it ironically

i don’t know who op is & their sidebar just says it’s “an ongoing collection of india’s latest trends in men’s shirting” but the title of the blog and the number of notes on this picture give off more than a bit of a condescending racist vibe & i don’t know if they even got the consent of the individuals being photographed to display their pictures on here just stop reblogging this post and others from that blog jfc

what’s even worse is how a lot of desis here have found this funny and reblogged it too. smh

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Countries that recognize the State of Palestine

they recognize palestine, but most of these countries want a two state solution and do business with israel as well, unfortunately

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sapanaa, parelima, parijatt !!!


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